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Definition of prating

What is the definition of "prating"?
  • pratingverb
  • 1. Present participle of prate.

Use "prating" in a sentence
  • "I enquired the cause, when, with his natural candour, he informed me that he could not help being more impressed by what he termed the prating of the gossips who had just left us, than, perhaps, he ought to be; and then showed me a little vellum case which he found at the Lodge, and which, he was then assured, was dropped by the young lady of whom they had been talking."

    ""Come, uncle," said Nellie, "I thought you were going to leave the 'prating' and the 'eloquent nonsense' to we Northerners, while you would stick to the scripture argument."

    "Remember the words of Captain Fluellen: "If the enemy is an ass and a fool and a prating coxcomb, is it meet, think you, that we should also be an ass and a fool and a prating coxcomb?""

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