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Definition of pornographically

What is the definition of "pornographically"?
  • adverb
  • 1. In a pornographic manner.
    2. Having extreme or explicit content, whether or not the content is sexual in nature.

Use "pornographically" in a sentence
  • "At a moment when my students take on ever more debt because of steep tuition hikes which reflect years of education cuts, when our consumption of oil continues to grow because our public transportation is so terrible, when our assistance to poor and homeless people pales in comparison to what other modern societies provide, the Pentagon is forced to shave five percent off its pornographically bloated budget."

    "The adult industry has been a long time proponent of our right to Free Speech, and from the days of Bill Burroughs and his Naked Lunch, to the more recent battle over required condom use, Americans have been trying to define what is pornographically acceptable for years."

    "And for you to swallow his line of crap makes you pornographically stupid."

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  • Spanish: pornographically
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