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Definition of pleased

What is the definition of "pleased"?
  • pleasedadjective
  • 1. happy, content

  • pleasedverb
  • 1. Simple past tense and past participle of please.

Use "pleased" in a sentence
  • "The fact is, the country delegates made the nominations as they pleased, and they _pleased_ to make them all from the country, except Baker and me, whom they supposed necessary to make stump speeches."

    "Emily needed to make the same request, for she too, had long done pretty much as she pleased; and, as we have seen, she was _pleased_ to do some very bad things."

    "If it were proposed to the shopkeepers in a town, that a rich man or two, living in the neighbourhood, should have power to send, _whenever they pleased_, and take away as much as they pleased of the money of the shopkeepers, and apply it to what uses they please; what an outcry the shopkeepers would make!"

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