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Definition of pistoling

What is the definition of "pistoling"?
  • verb
  • 1. Present participle of pistol.

Use "pistoling" in a sentence
  • "Anytime you can have a botched assassination attempt go completely wrong only to work in your favor such as sliding off the side of building and using “rope” a funny moment for fans who remember the importance of rope to bust through a window to then slide on your knees, double pistoling while riddling bad guys with bullets!"

    "‘If he was to talk of pistoling ’em all, I should be obliged to say,"

    "A part of them ran to the gun room and secured the arms and ammunition, pistoling or cutting down all such as stood in their way or offered opposition; the other party burst into the great cabin at the heels of Pierre le Grand, found the captain and a party of his friends at cards, set a pistol to his breast, and demanded him to deliver up the ship."

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