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Definition of pie

What is the definition of "pie"?
  • pienoun
  • 1. A baked food composed of a pastry shell filled with fruit, meat, cheese, or other ingredients, and usually covered with a pastry crust.
    2. A layer cake having cream, custard, or jelly filling.
    3. A whole that can be shared: "That would . . . enlarge the economic pie by making the most productive use of every investment dollar” ( New York Times).
    4. See magpie.

  • pieidiom
  • 1. pie in the sky An empty wish or promise: "To outlaw deficits . . . is pie in the sky” ( Howard H. Baker, Jr.)

Use "pie" in a sentence
  • "The only way to make sure both the poor and rich have enough, is not to quibble over how to divide the pie, but to * bake more pie*."

    ""But I wouldn't take his word for a thing if I knew it was so; I went on a still-hunt around that tent on my own hook, and I found a pie -- a _whole pie_, by golly!"

    "The pie is one that should have a very wide appeal, with the look and flavor of a snickerdoodle in pie form."

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