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Definition of picturesque

What is the definition of "picturesque"?
  • pic•tur•esqueadjective
  • 1. Of, suggesting, or suitable for a picture: picturesque rocky shores.
    2. Striking or interesting in an unusual way; irregularly or quaintly attractive: a picturesque French café.
    3. Strikingly expressive or vivid: picturesque language.

Use "picturesque" in a sentence
  • "All the pleasure which the people of the nineteenth century take in art, is in pictures, sculpture, minor objects of virtù, or mediæval architecture, which we enjoy under the term picturesque: no pleasure is taken anywhere in modern buildings, and we find all men of true feeling delighting to escape out of modern cities into natural scenery: hence, as I shall hereafter show, that peculiar love of landscape, which is characteristic of the age."

    "At present this forms one of the very few objects to which the term picturesque may properly be applied, existing in the States; and, linked as it is with the recollections of its gallant founders, I confess it laid strong hold of my imagination, absorbing my eyes and interest as long as I could keep it in view."

    "Damn it, I took him to see a glassworks the other day; thought it would appeal to his sense of what you call the picturesque; but, Lord bless me, he asked how much the blowers were paid and wanted me to raise their pay on the spot."

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