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Definition of peculiarly

What is the definition of "peculiarly"?
  • pe•cul•iar•lyadverb
  • 1. Such as to be greater than usual; particularly; exceptionally.
    2. Such as to be strange or odd.
    3. Strongly associated with.

Use "peculiarly" in a sentence
  • "Fortunately for an answer to this question, air is as vital to change in the inorganic processes of nature as it is to those other changes which we call peculiarly life."

    "Breakfast was an excitement shared in peculiarly by the Ancient"

    "They've created new American characters as well, placed in peculiarly American settings."

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  • Spanish: peculiarly
  • German: peculiarly
  • French: peculiarly
  • Mandarin: peculiarly
  • Japanese: peculiarly

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