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Definition of particularly

What is the definition of "particularly"?
  • par•tic•u•lar•lyadverb
  • 1. To a great degree; especially: I particularly like the brown shoes.
    2. With particular reference or emphasis; individually or specifically: "Everyone has a moment in history which belongs particularly to him” ( John Knowles).
    3. With regard to particulars; in detail.

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  • "Sexual attraction was not something we were supposed to discuss, particularly in a group, particularly with Rama, particularly regarding one of Rama's women, and * particularly* regarding Dana who, along with Anne, was Rama's closest disciple."

    "In case God were to try to go back on His Word particularly the bit about there being riches and mansions in Heaven, it would be very convenient to have something neatly highlighted with which to confront Him."

    "You said that the olive is an Evergreen: to what plant or shrub is the term particularly applied?"

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