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Definition of participation

What is the definition of "participation"?
  • par•tic•i•pa•tionnoun
  • 1. The act of taking part or sharing in something: Teachers often encourage class participation.

Use "participation" in a sentence
  • "I will use the term participation unit to refer both to encounters and to unengaged participants; the term bystander will be used to refer to any individual present who is not a ratified member of the particular encounter in question, whether or not he is currently a member of some other encounter."

    "The term "participation rate" is used to describe how much of the increase or return of the underlying stock market index will be used to calculate the return."

    "Unfortunately the only way we could find out whether it actually will lead to a substantial increase in participation is to try it, and that means having a Worldcon committee prepared to take the risk (and face the wrath of conservative SMOFs)."

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