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Definition of partaker

What is the definition of "partaker"?
  • par•tak•ernoun
  • 1. one who partakes of something

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  • "But if ever martyr were worthy of being called a partaker of the sufferings of Christ it was surely this girl, free, if ever human creature was, from self-seeking, or thought of reward, or ambitious hope, in whose heart there had never been any motive but the service of God and the deliverance of her country, who had neither looked before nor after, nor put her own interests into consideration in any way."

    "In that same year Roger Williams, the founder of Rhode Island, saw in the dances of the Indians a near and dangerous temptation, for after once being in their Houses, and beholding what their worship was, I durst never be an eye witnesse . . . lest I should have been partaker of Satans inventions and worships, contrary to Ephes."

    "The partaker stirs it and sips it through a straw or from the glass."

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