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Definition of painted

What is the definition of "painted"?
  • paint•edadjective
  • 1. Represented in paint.
    2. Covered or decorated with paint.
    3. Brightly colored; gaudy.
    4. Excessively made up with cosmetics.

Use "painted" in a sentence
  • "III. ii.290 (288,2) [but I answer you right painted cloth] Sir T. Hammer reads, _I answer you right_, in the stile of the _painted cloth."

    "The Washington Post first reported that a large rock at the entrance of the camp had the term painted on it."

    "The “Kosher Krusher,” the name painted on the front doors of Silberstein's car, is the rabbi's recruitment tool as he takes a radical step to reverse the declining number of Jews in America."

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