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Definition of orifice

What is the definition of "orifice"?
  • or•i•ficenoun
  • 1. An opening, especially to a cavity or passage of the body; a mouth or vent.

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  • "Whenever I say the word orifice, I feel like a mix between a 13 yo boy and Beavis and Butthead - Say it with me - She said orifice, huh huh, orifice; yeah, orifice."

    "If Mitch McConnell ever stopped short James Inhofes head would disappear into a certain orifice."

    "An irregular section of the wall (nothing was ever square, flat, vertical or exactly smooth around here) disappeared up and back rather like the cover of a rolltop desk, and as if the orifice were a comic mouth thrusting out a broad tongue, a kind of board slid outward."

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