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Definition of oral

What is the definition of "oral"?
  • o•raladjective
  • 1. Spoken rather than written. See Usage Note at verbal.
    2. Of or relating to the mouth: oral surgery.
    3. Used in or taken through the mouth: an oral thermometer; an oral vaccine.
    4. Consisting of or using speech: oral instruction.
    5. Linguistics Articulated through the mouth only, with the nasal passages closed.

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  • "The oral reproduction of the stories by the children is the best possible _oral language_ drill, while their partial written review is the basis of much of the regular _composition_ work."

    "And those lucky people who haven’t had oral yet still haven’t had oral… haha."

    "Use condoms or avoid sex, including what we call oral sex because society does not like to use the terms fellatio and cunnilingus."

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