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Definition of opening

What is the definition of "opening"?
  • o•pen•ingnoun
  • 1. The act or an instance of becoming open or being made to open.
    2. An open space serving as a passage or gap.
    3. A breach or aperture.
    4. A clearing in the woods.
    5. The first part or stage, as of a book.

Use "opening" in a sentence
  • "Englert says the Palace's delay in opening is completely unrelated."

    "Once illness came on and the term opening, found no money on hand with which to commence; but nothing daunted, a job of work was sought; a garden was found in which he worked hard two and a half hours before and after school at ten cents an hour."

    ""Retailers are focusing more on what we term opening - to mid-price points as shoppers of every description are gravitating to the big box outlets," Schwartz told the conference."

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