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Definition of open-mouthed

What is the definition of "open-mouthed"?
  • o•pen-mouthedadjective
  • 1. Having the mouth open.
    2. Gaping in astonishment or wonder.
    3. Loudly insistent.

Use "open-mouthed" in a sentence
  • "At the end of it all, I realised I had never truly understood the expression open-mouthed until then."

    "Startled, we both stood open-mouthed in the road, unsure of what to say."

    "The only missing Fordian set piece is his famous leap from an explosion with one hand in front of his face and his familiar open-mouthed rictus."

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How to Say "open-mouthed" in:
  • Spanish: open-mouthed
  • German: open-mouthed
  • French: open-mouthed
  • Mandarin: open-mouthed
  • Japanese: open-mouthed

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