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Definition of ninety-three

What is the definition of "ninety-three"?
  • ninety-threenoun
  • 1. The cardinal number immediately following ninety-two and preceding ninety-four.

Use "ninety-three" in a sentence
  • "She was a dear person for all the ninety-three years she lived."

    "On the way back to camp, the U.S. Marines counted ninety-three NVA corpses trapped in the makeshift barbed-wire fence erected around base camp."

    "A month later, however, he was freed after posting bail of ninety-three thousand dollars and was allowed to move back to Thailand."

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  • Spanish: ninety-three
  • German: ninety-three
  • French: ninety-three
  • Mandarin: ninety-three
  • Japanese: ninety-three

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