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Definition of nasalize

What is the definition of "nasalize"?
  • verb-transitive
  • 1. To make nasal or produce nasal sounds.

Use "nasalize" in a sentence
  • "Also, some people nasalize these vowels more than others, particularly the short o and a sounds."

    "You have a trace of the Olgan burr, but you nasalize your vowels in the style of this area, though you live in Portolondon -"

    "n, m can nasalize more or less a previous vowel, at the end of a syllable, in some dialects (Lemosin, Auvernhat, Vivaro-Alpine, Provençal): dança [ˈdansɔ > ˈdaⁿsɔ > ˈdãsɔ] 'dance'; volèm [vuˈlɛn > vuˈlɛⁿ > vuˈlẽ] 'we want'."

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How to Say "nasalize" in:
  • Spanish: nasalize
  • German: nasalize
  • French: nasalize
  • Mandarin: nasalize
  • Japanese: nasalize

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