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Definition of mischievous

What is the definition of "mischievous"?
  • mis•chie•vousadjective
  • 1. Causing mischief.
    2. Playful in a naughty or teasing way.
    3. Troublesome; irritating: a mischievous prank.
    4. Causing harm, injury, or damage: mischievous rumors and falsehoods.

Use "mischievous" in a sentence
  • "Palmer looked at Ariana, his expression mischievous, and popped another piece of gum into his mouth."

    "Of course, many of her own things had taken to hiding in mischievous, little places as well."

    "One of the highlights of his set yesterday was the title track, a study in mischievous innuendo."

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  • Spanish: mischievous
  • German: mischievous
  • French: mischievous
  • Mandarin: mischievous
  • Japanese: mischievous

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