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Definition of mirthful

What is the definition of "mirthful"?
  • mirth•fuladjective
  • 1. Full of gladness and gaiety.
    2. Characterized by or expressing gladness and gaiety: a warm, tender, and mirthful movie.

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  • "But he also incorporated a 150-square-foot sunshade printed with what he refers to as a mirthful interpretation of the apocalypse by Roy Lichtenstein."

    "What barrister, young or old, cannot recall mirthful eyes that, with quick shyness, have turned away from his momentary notice, as in answer to the rustling of silk, or stirred by sympathetic consciousness of women's noiseless presence, he has raised his face from a volume of reports, and seen two or three timorous girls peering through the golden haze of a"

    "“The best clinicians understand that there is an intrinsic physiological intervention brought about by positive emotions such as mirthful laughter, optimism and hope,” the ‘Daily Mail’ quoted lead researcher Dr Lee Berk as saying."

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  • Spanish: mirthful
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