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Definition of menorrhagia

What is the definition of "menorrhagia"?
  • noun
  • 1. Abnormally heavy or extended menstrual flow.

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  • "The diseases known as menorrhagia, dysmenorrhoea, leucorrhoea, amenorrhoea, abortions, prolapsus, chronic inflammations and ulcerations of the womb, with a yet greater variety of sympathetic nervous disorders, are some of the distressing forms of these derangements."

    "I read up on this thing called menorrhagia, heavy periods that hits women in menopause and girls who have just started having their periods (menarche)."

    "Dr. Ewen also pointed out that the changes in the rats, if extrapolated to humans, might lead to abnormally heavy or longer menstrual periods (menorrhagia)."

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