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Definition of meaty

What is the definition of "meaty"?
  • meat•yadjective
  • 1. Of or relating to meat.
    2. Having the flavor or smell of meat.
    3. Full of or containing meat.
    4. Heavily fleshed.
    5. Prompting considerable thought: a meaty theme for study and debate.

Use "meaty" in a sentence
  • "With notes of lavender, dark fruits and a certain meaty gravitas on the nose, this wine has gorgeous balance and integration of the components to make for a great texture."

    "And, must people use words like "umami" when a perfectly serviceable equivalent word in English meaty or savory exists?"

    "Hard to describe, it is usually defined as a meaty, savory, satisfying taste."

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  • Spanish: meaty
  • German: meaty
  • French: meaty
  • Mandarin: meaty
  • Japanese: meaty

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