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Definition of macula

What is the definition of "macula"?
  • ‖Mac•u•lanoun
  • 1. A discolored spot or area on the skin that is not elevated above the surface and is characteristic of certain conditions, such as smallpox, purpura, or roseola.
    2. An opaque spot on the cornea.
    3. The macula lutea.

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  • "Yellow and orange foods helps the eye (vision) the retinal macula is yellowish/orange in color so this helps Macular Degeneration, blues and red food helps the heart and circulatory conditions."

    "And right in the middle of that, the highest priced real estate, is actually something known as the macula, which is the very back of the eye."

    "The disease strikes the center of the retina, called the macula, which is especially important for reading, watching television, and recognizing faces."

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