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Definition of logging

What is the definition of "logging"?
  • log•gingnoun
  • 1. The work or business of felling and trimming trees and transporting the logs to a mill.

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  • "In an area held tightly in the grip of what he called a "logging mafia," Rakotoarisoa said 100 members of the security forces were brought from the capital city to help with surveillance and to avoid any further corruption."

    "Everyone knows of the disasters unregulated commercial logging is causing in the world's tropical forests, disasters that are helped along by the frightening efficiency of machines like this monstrosity."

    "A decrease in American logging may be good for redwoods in Northern California, but because American wood manufacturers practice much more sustainable production methods than their counterparts in other areas of the world, the economic downturn might fuel the rise of cheaper and more environmentally caustic techniques in other countries."

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