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Definition of liveliness

What is the definition of "liveliness"?
  • live•li•nessnoun
  • 1. The quality of being lively; animation; energy.

Use "liveliness" in a sentence
  • "So, like your recent post -- oh, gloom doom, TV and newspaper Big Name Pundit celebrities are saying the Health Care Reform liveliness is dead, pass it on -- I say forget listening to 'celebrity' (so much)."

    "The main liveliness in this production came from the guy behind us, who chose the most tender moments to try to join the trombone section with nose-blowings of amazing volume, force, and musicality."

    "Shall I call the liveliness of this day a gale of the Spirit, or was all natural?"

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How to Say "liveliness" in:
  • Spanish: liveliness
  • German: liveliness
  • French: liveliness
  • Mandarin: liveliness
  • Japanese: liveliness

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