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Definition of laughable

What is the definition of "laughable"?
  • laugh•a•bleadjective
  • 1. Causing or deserving laughter or derision.

Use "laughable" in a sentence
  • "But what we spoke of as laughable in the whole affair is, that Master Pope neither had then read one line of Pindar, nor ever read one line of Pindar: and reason good; for at that time he could not read the simple Homeric Greek; while the Greek of Pindar exceeds all other Greek in difficulty, excepting, perhaps, a few amongst the tragic choruses, which are difficult for the very same reason -- lyric abruptness, lyric involution, and lyric obscurity of transition."

    "The typical Saturday Nightmares would feature a movie of varying quality (some were legitimately terrifying, while others were just plain laughable)."

    "Calling chemical rockets laughable is a laughable statement."

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