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Definition of knobby

What is the definition of "knobby"?
  • knob•byadjective
  • 1. resembling a knob
    2. pleasantly small

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  • "His first eight days in captivity he spent in a room called the knobby room, a kind of torture room."

    "To the "elderly scribe" was allotted the bed, a very finely carved wooden erection; but let me at once own that, although I had slept on hay in a tent in other lands, passed a night on a dining-room table, several on the floor, and in deck-chairs, I never slept in anything quite so "knobby" as that extraordinary bed."

    "Also included is the aforementioned blooper reel, along with deleted scenes with commentary, which include the manufacturing of Jell-O shots and Gretchen's attempts to make the word "knobby" happen."

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