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Definition of jogging

What is the definition of "jogging"?
  • jog•gingverb
  • 1. Present participle of jog.

  • jog•gingnoun
  • 1. The action of the verb to jog.
    2. The practice of running at the pace of a slow run for exercise.

Use "jogging" in a sentence
  • "Of course I don't want anyone beating themselves up over their body shape, but when YOUNG women, who could be eating right and exercising are 50-70 pounds overweight are are dressing in jogging bras and short shorts for their camping and hiking and river-floating, I have to wonder WHO has told them this is attractive?!?!?!"

    "Walking to jogging is another way to increase the calorie burn of your weight-loss workout."

    "At this time, I am aware of 3 gay/lesbian bars within jogging distance of my house — the lesbian bar has been there for probably 20 years."

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