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Definition of jock

What is the definition of "jock"?
  • jocknoun
  • 1. Sports A jockey.
    2. A disc jockey.
    3. An athletic supporter.
    4. Sports An athlete, especially in college.
    5. Slang One characterized by excessive concern for machismo.

Use "jock" in a sentence
  • "Maybe it's the smelly locker rooms or the requisite killer instinct, but the term jock has just never really fit you."

    "Big Brother, Space Station Edition: Pick the hottest babes from an international set of scientists, one grumpy Russian, a cut party animal fighter jock from the US Navy and lock them in an orbital space station for 1 month of intense competition."

    "Society, outside that crazy little crucible of high school — and even inside it given half a chance — thinks that jock is a complete arse-wipe."

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