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Definition of jangly

What is the definition of "jangly"?
  • janglyadjective
  • 1. pertaining to something that jangles

Use "jangly" in a sentence
  • "Let me really break it down for you: The man had Steve Albini record the "Brassneck" EP at this time, even though they were best known as a jangly C86 act up until this point."

    "However, Williams 'lyrics about life's compensations and recoveries are uniformly smart, and the record has some memorable tracks, namely the jangly single "I Hit Another Wall" - as heard on"

    "Plastic Rulers recall the jangly '60s and' 70s rock of The Byrds, the Stones and Big Star."

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  • Spanish: jangly
  • German: jangly
  • French: jangly
  • Mandarin: jangly
  • Japanese: jangly

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