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Definition of initializes

What is the definition of "initializes"?
  • initializesverb
  • 1. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of initialize.

Use "initializes" in a sentence
  • "She initializes the model with bare soil (for one treatment) and needle leaf (for another treatment), tested under a return to pre-industrial CO2 concentrations."

    "This initializes two variables. total_trials sets the total number of trials. current_trial tracks how many trials have been completed."

    "A PEB or personalized electronic ballot device activates/initializes the iVotronic with the appropriate ballot information for each and every voter."

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How to Say "initializes" in:
  • Spanish: initializes
  • German: initializes
  • French: initializes
  • Mandarin: initializes
  • Japanese: initializes

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