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Definition of infused

What is the definition of "infused"?
  • infusedverb
  • 1. Simple past tense and past participle of infuse.

Use "infused" in a sentence
  • "To pay tribute to the orange gourd (is it a gourd?) the folks at Express have come up with a list of hot spots you can go to taste pumpkin infused beverages."

    "Or perhaps … a Gremlin infused Murloc? or a Were-Murloc?"

    "For the proper use of the word infused, in speaking of the graces of God, is an abuse of it; for those graces are virtues, not bodies to be carried hither and thither, and to be poured into men as into barrels."

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How to Say "infused" in:
  • Spanish: infused
  • German: infused
  • French: infused
  • Mandarin: infused
  • Japanese: infused

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