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Definition of hardcore

What is the definition of "hardcore"?
  • hardcoreadjective
  • 1. Having an extreme dedication to a certain activity; diehard.
    2. Particularly intense; thrillingly dangerous or erratic; desirably violent in appearance; pleasing or "cool" due to intensity or danger.
    3. Resistant to change.
    4. Obscene or explicit.
    5. Of or pertaining to pornography that depicts penetration.

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  • "If you're new and wondering what it is that makes this game worthy of the label hardcore, then you should know this is in no way a pick-up-and-play product."

    "Until the end of last generation the term hardcore gamer didn't really exist, and it seems to have been coined by an elitist group who can't really see past the end of their dual analog sticks."

    "It was a creative time, Mr. Ottolenghi said, and many of what he calls "hardcore Ottolenghi dishes"—like char-grilled broccoli, cheddar-cheese corn bread and marinated aubergine with tahini and oregano—were invented in those early days."

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