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Definition of glorious

What is the definition of "glorious"?
  • glo•ri•ousadjective
  • 1. Having or deserving glory; famous.
    2. Conferring or advancing glory: a glorious achievement.
    3. Characterized by great beauty and splendor; magnificent: a glorious sunset.
    4. Delightful; wonderful: had a glorious visit with old friends.

Use "glorious" in a sentence
  • "He does not like the term glorious ', which was invented, he says, by journalists."

    "Belton, to hold themselves in readiness to obey his summons, on the likelihood there is of room for what he calls glorious mischief."

    ""This is what I call glorious," said Ned, as he opened a can of condensed milk and passed it around."

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How to Say "glorious" in:
  • Spanish: glorious
  • German: glorious
  • French: glorious
  • Mandarin: glorious
  • Japanese: glorious

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