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Definition of get out

What is the definition of "get out"?
  • get outverb
  • 1. To leave or escape
    2. To help someone leave
    3. To leave a vehicle such as a car. (Note: for public transport, get off is more common.)
    4. To become known.
    5. To spend free time out of the house.

Use "get out" in a sentence
  • "What if Cody Unser could get out of her wheelchair and live her dream of being able to take that first step?"

    "Mike Sexton and Doc Earle jointly decided that it might be good for Stuey to get out of Las Vegas and seek help."

    "I watched Angel get out and walk casually to the corner of Main and Temple, then turn into the back lot of the Fellowship's building at the junction with the Hunan Legends Chinese restaurant when he saw that the street was clear."

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  • Spanish: get out
  • German: get out
  • French: get out
  • Mandarin: get out
  • Japanese: get out

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