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Definition of genitalia

What is the definition of "genitalia"?
  • genitalianoun-plural
  • 1. The genitals.

Use "genitalia" in a sentence
  • "Showing off your genitalia is NOT a liberal thing."

    "Hmm. Perhaps the original prints were made to suggest that mariners had sexual congress with denizens of the deep (hence the tail bifurcation) but genitalia is significantly not there in either picture."

    ""On the female nude," he explains, "the genitalia is tucked away, but on the male nude, even if everything is else tight and taut, there's still that one part that's hanging out and is very exposed.""

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  • Spanish: genitalia
  • German: genitalia
  • French: genitalia
  • Mandarin: genitalia
  • Japanese: genitalia

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