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Definition of gap-toothed

What is the definition of "gap-toothed"?
  • adjective
  • 1. exhibiting a gap between the teeth, especially between the two upper central incisors
    2. exhibiting a gap where a tooth is missing, as of a child who has lost a baby tooth, or an adult who has lost a permanent tooth

Use "gap-toothed" in a sentence
  • "At least the late publisher William Gaines's MAD magazine -- having risen phoenixlike from the ashes of that witch hunt -- survives to smile a gap-toothed grin at today's news and reply smugly: "What, me worry?""

    "The first panic about increasingly gap-toothed high streets happened in early 2009."

    "Though his gap-toothed smile would light up his face, anger him and he revealed a very dark side, a natural ferocity accentuated by intimidating, sharklike eyes."

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  • Spanish: gap-toothed
  • German: gap-toothed
  • French: gap-toothed
  • Mandarin: gap-toothed
  • Japanese: gap-toothed

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