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Definition of fundament

What is the definition of "fundament"?
  • fun•da•mentnoun
  • 1. The buttocks.
    2. The anus.
    3. The natural features of a land surface unaltered by humans.
    4. A foundation, as of a building.
    5. An underlying theoretical basis or principle: "All neighbor states ... must revise ... their policy fundaments” ( C.L. Sulzberger).

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  • "If they are actually altering the reading based on some "factor" they pulled out of their fundament, that is another problem."

    "God only knows what a "fundament" is, but apparently it does a lot of different things."

    "There's some heavyhanded sexual humor as well, including a missionary whose naked "fundament" suffers the indignity of a tattoo and a young lady who falls into Macklyn's lap much to his obvious pleasure."

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