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Definition of fucked

What is the definition of "fucked"?
  • fuckedadjective
  • 1. Broken.
    2. In trouble.
    3. Very drunk.
    4. Annoying or mean.
    5. Tired.

Use "fucked" in a sentence
  • "Given that Interzone took its name from Burroughs's city, I think its fair to say that while "Jingling Geordie's Hole" lies, as I recall, at the extreme end of its output at that time, a certain "fucked-up" aesthetic was at play in those early days of the magazine, before Cyberpunk, before the New Space Opera, before the New Weird, or Mundane-SF, or even Infernokrusher."

    "(Some of them, however, are just plain fucked-up and verge into plain ol 'women-hating, so I'm very particular.)"

    "With Goyer writing, this movie is fucked from the get-go."

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