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Definition of fuck off

What is the definition of "fuck off"?
  • verb
  • 1. To go to hell, to disappear, go away or to screw oneself.
    2. (transitive) To annoy, irritate.
    3. To fritter; to fuck around.
    4. To die or leave unexpectedly.

  • interjection
  • 1. Go away! Get lost!

Use "fuck off" in a sentence
  • "ENOSIS fought for space with ELEPHTHERIA, 'Long Live The King 'cohabited without apparent anomaly with' Workers Of The World Unite ',' Wops fuck off abutted with 'Duce, Eat My Shit'."

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  • Spanish: fuck off
  • German: fuck off
  • French: fuck off
  • Mandarin: fuck off
  • Japanese: fuck off

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