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Definition of fossiliferous

What is the definition of "fossiliferous"?
  • fos•sil•if•er•ousadjective
  • 1. Containing fossils.

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  • "Not only may any kind of fossiliferous rocks occur next to the Archæan, but even the "youngest" may be so metamorphosed and crystalline as to resemble exactly in this respect the so-called "oldest" rocks."

    "Natural History, asserts or confesses that often have objects of material such as fossiliferous limestone and slag been sent to him He says that these things have been accompanied by assurances that they have been seen to fall on lawns, on roads, in front of houses."

    ""fossiliferous," or shell limestone, and have drawn the erroneous inference that the animal matter once contained in those shells originated petroleum; but no fish oil ever contained paraffin."

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