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Definition of flute

What is the definition of "flute"?
  • flutenoun
  • 1. Music A high-pitched woodwind instrument consisting of a slender tube closed at one end with keys and finger holes on the side and an opening near the closed end across which the breath is blown. Also called transverse flute.
    2. Music Any of various similar reedless woodwind instruments, such as the recorder.
    3. Music An organ stop whose flue pipe produces a flutelike tone.
    4. Architecture A long, usually rounded groove incised as a decorative motif on the shaft of a column, for example.
    5. A similar groove or furrow, as in a pleated ruffle of cloth or on a piece of furniture.

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  • "PS I checked with them before posting this and yes the flute is aboard and website manager George is very excited at the thought of lots of hits so pay them a visit now and keep dropping in, their journey is going to be something else."

    "Bergotte is what I call a flute-player: one must admit that he plays on it very agreeably, although with a great deal of mannerism, of affectation."

    "The hardest thing I have found with a flute is getting that first sound out of it perfectly."

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