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Definition of fleshless

What is the definition of "fleshless"?
  • flesh•lessadjective
  • 1. Without flesh, lacking flesh.

Use "fleshless" in a sentence
  • "Someday they, too, may return to wreathe the fleshless grin
 of this country, the nexus of their souls."

    "The simple silver band had slipped down the fleshless digit to rest against the knuckle joint."

    "The Korean edition shows a simple smooth form, a human line that you can follow form the thigh up the hip. but if you look, the "allegedly" edited US version presents a form that cuts in in an altogether unnatural place, where not even a fleshless skeleton would indent."

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  • Spanish: fleshless
  • German: fleshless
  • French: fleshless
  • Mandarin: fleshless
  • Japanese: fleshless

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