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Definition of flameouts

What is the definition of "flameouts"?
  • flameoutsnoun
  • 1. Plural form of flameout.

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  • "But since the FAA issued its last safety directive in 2007, according to the agency, airliners with versions of GE's CF6-80 engines have experienced 14 instances of so-called flameouts, or sudden shutdowns of one or two engines without any pilot actions."

    "Since 2002, however, internal ice has been blamed for at least 14 instances of dual-engine shutdowns, called "flameouts," and several times that many single-engine outages."

    "Faw doesn't necessarily back up the burn-out rate with numbers, but she does offer some compelling stats that link these "early career flameouts" with women's declining presence on the upper reaches of the corporate ladder:"

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