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Definition of first-rate

What is the definition of "first-rate"?
  • first•-rate•first-rateadjective
  • 1. Foremost in quality, rank, or importance.

  • first•-rate•first-rateadverb
  • 1. Informal Very well; excellently.

Use "first-rate" in a sentence
  • "Today, older Americans do have independent lives and first-rate medical care."

    "No country has achieved first-rate health care, or strong transportation infrastructure, or pioneering scientific research without the help of government."

    "He is a first-rate composer, whether writing for the movie screen or his own quintet or, better yet, some combination of both."

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  • Spanish: first-rate
  • German: first-rate
  • French: first-rate
  • Mandarin: first-rate
  • Japanese: first-rate

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