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Definition of extremity

What is the definition of "extremity"?
  • ex•trem•i•tynoun
  • 1. The outermost or farthest point or portion.
    2. The greatest or utmost degree: the extremity of despair.
    3. Grave danger, necessity, or distress.
    4. A moment at which death or ruin is imminent.
    5. An extreme or severe measure.

Use "extremity" in a sentence
  • "At the extremity is the County Courthouse; on the right is the tall spire of the Presbyterian, and on the left the tower of the Episcopal Church."

    "Note, If Christ's visits to his people be deferred long, yet at length he will come; and their extremity is his opportunity to appear for them so much the more seasonably."

    "“Yet, never, in extremity … It asked a crumb of me.”"

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