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Definition of expressly

What is the definition of "expressly"?
  • ex•press•lyadverb
  • 1. In an express or a definite manner; explicitly: I expressly ordered the visitor to leave.
    2. Especially; particularly: tools designed expressly for left-handed workers.

Use "expressly" in a sentence
  • "The title expressly describes the work as composed by the Bodhisattva Ma-Ming"

    "One does not even need to address the history of this Amendment and the decision not to include the word "expressly"."

    "What the AFL-CIO and the SEIU have stated expressly is they want a contemporaneous fix of the bill (READ “of the excise tax”) to support passage of the Senate health bill."

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  • Spanish: expressly
  • German: expressly
  • French: expressly
  • Mandarin: expressly
  • Japanese: expressly

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