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Definition of express

What is the definition of "express"?
  • ex•pressverb-transitive
  • 1. To set forth in words; state.
    2. To manifest or communicate, as by a gesture; show. See Synonyms at vent1.
    3. To make known the feelings or opinions of (oneself), as by statement or art.
    4. To convey or suggest a representation of; depict: The painting expresses the rage of war victims.
    5. To represent by a sign or a symbol; symbolize: express a fraction as a decimal.

Use "express" in a sentence
  • "If the law pronounced him the master, _nibû_, to whom they owed obedience and fidelity, they were mistresses of the house, _nîbît pirû_, as well as wives, _himitû_, and the two words of the title express their condition."

    "Another theme which I hardly know how to express is to do with considering the extremes."

    "Travel advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office warns that street crime is high, and that armed robbery, and what it calls "express kidnappings" - short-term abductions to extort money - also take place, and that tourists have been among those targeted; resistance to robbers had resulted in people being shot dead, it added."

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