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Definition of exciseman

What is the definition of "exciseman"?
  • ex•cise•mannoun
  • 1. An officer employed to collect excise duty (excise tax), and to enforce excise laws.

Use "exciseman" in a sentence
  • "I know not how the word exciseman, or still more opprobrious, gauger, will sound in your ears."

    ""I know not," he writes, "how the word exciseman, or the still (p.  104) more opprobrious gauger, will sound in your ears."

    "The very tall young man is conscious of this failing in himself; and informs his comrade that it's his 'exciseman'."

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  • Spanish: exciseman
  • German: exciseman
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  • Mandarin: exciseman
  • Japanese: exciseman

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