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Definition of everlasting

What is the definition of "everlasting"?
  • ever•last•ing•ev•er•last•ingadjective
  • 1. Lasting forever; eternal.
    2. Continuing indefinitely or for a long period of time.
    3. Persisting too long; tedious: everlasting complaints.

  • ever•last•ing•ev•er•last•ingnoun
  • 1. God. Used with the.
    2. Eternal duration; eternity.

Use "everlasting" in a sentence
  • "Because the text primarily discusses the fact that good qualities can be developed and faults removed on the basis of the everlasting continuum of the mind as a foundation presently tarnished with fleeting stains, the term everlasting continuum can undoubtedly also imply this meaning."

    "The term everlasting continuum (tantra) has many meanings."

    "Betwixt the country dances they have what I call everlasting jigs."

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