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Definition of equid

What is the definition of "equid"?
  • noun
  • 1. Any animal of the taxonomic family Equidae, including any equine (horse, zebra, ass, mule, etc.)

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  • "Years ago, the famous professor George Simpson wrote, “The most famous of all equid horse trends, ‘gradual reduction of the side toes,’ is flatly fictitious.”"

    "For the record, the deal with horses in North America is that, while members of the genus Equus were numerous and important there in the Pleistocene, they later became extinct (to quote R. Dale Guthrie (2003): ‘equid species dominated North American late Pleistocene faunas in terms of abundance, geographical distribution, and species variety, yet none survived into the Holocene epoch’ (p. 169))."

    "Famously discovered by Harry Johnston and named by P.L. Sclater in 1901 (Johnston thought he was tracking down reports of a new forest-dwelling equid), Okapia is a short-necked forest-dwelling giraffid, though how typical it is in the grand scheme of giraffid diversity and evolution has proved controversial."

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